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Selling Yerba Mate to Chinese Tea Drinkers


Yerba Mate is the ever trendy, and growing in popularity, warm drink native to South America. During my 5 month stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this drink was a daily ritual that encouraged socializing and productivity.


For a final project in International Marketing, I decided to make a Marketing Plan strategized to sell the tea drink to interested populations in China. The inspiration came from a previous 3 month long internship I took in Shanghai China. Where I experienced, firsthand, Chinese traditions, and an evolving new culture of the old mixed in with the new. The new life in China is speckled with inspirations from the West, incorporated in its Eastern traditions native to China. Although tea is an 1,000 year old tradition it still remains pertinent to the daily lives of every Chinese.


This Marketing plan boasts a creative and innovative way to get the attention of Chinese Tea Drinkers and spark their interests. It takes the traditional South American gourd Concept and turns it into a sensation for younger audiences.


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Performing Ethnographic Research: The Importance of Reflexivity

Ethnographic research is the process of collecting qualitative data on a certain culture or group of people by going right to the field site. When we do ethnographic research we want to be completely unobtrusive and observe the way that people do the things they do in their environment. This type of research can be very helpful in helping marketers to further understand their consumers or it could just help anyone find out more about why people do the things that they do in particular environments.

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