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Marketing Material:

Poster + Flyer
Tools: Adobe Illustrator + Canva

Draft 1

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A series of flyers aimed at defining and creating awareness to the brand mission of the Center for Sustainability Shanghai and by doing so, attracting students interested in becoming leaders in Sustainable Development.

With the following flyers, I aimed to encompass the Sustainability for China brand by using the same color palette that was used in the company logo. I made sure to add the logo and website to every flyer and to use the tagline of the company which we brainstormed together “Forming Leaders in Sustainable Development”.

The website is a project that I also had the pleasure of redesigning. My biggest contribution was the implementation of larger more visible CTA buttons, a more navigable site, social media icons on each page and an even distribution of white space throughout the website.


Logo Design: 
Tools: Adobe Illustrator

BizCafe Project - Logo Design

Big Cup Cafe
This logo was done for a entrepreneurial mindset course simulation project and competition that took place over the course of a semester. Our team was the winning team of the entire class. With this design, I used a simple san serif font for simplicity. I decided to tilt the C and add another c to the side to emulate a cup. And to ensure relevance to the cafe.



Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 9.05.09 PM


Markets On Digital (MOD)
I made this design for a website completely inspired by Piet Mondrian.




Web + Content